René J. Babin

ReneBabin.com is owned and operated by René J. Babin. Located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, ReneBabin.com also offers website design, web development, graphic design and web hosting services.

Who is

René J. Babin

A Team Player

Projects on which I have the opportunity to work on are always driven by client interactions, making the completed projects true results of collaboration and teamwork.

All while the client occupies the captain's chair, reducing the likelihood for disappointments & disagreements.

Local Supporter

A great supporter of the local economy & a greater supported of the nuclear economy, that is – our pocketbooks.

René Babin is an admirer of quality local products & services. As a matter a fact, supporting local businesses is a written Policy of ReneBabin.com. Learn More

Your Producer

With your core values in mind, René Babin's the guy that represents the image of your company, your organization or your personal projects in print or across the web's multiple platforms and channels in way that is meaningful and ecological, without breaking the bank and still looking like a million bucks!

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